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As a lifelong learner, I understand that adopting a new skill can be both exciting and challenging. That’s why I’m committed to supporting you every step of the way. I have extensive experience working with all types of clients in helping them reach their highest potential.


I love the cloud (especially Quickbooks Online) and app workflows that can be created for businesses and clients. It's opened a world of real time and relevant information, incredible efficiencies and amazing opportunities.

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Reinette Otte         B Com, CPB

  • Professional trainer for Accounting Firms & Businesses – 5 years 

  • Workflow Efficiencies

  • Specialist in Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving

  • Qualifications:

    • QBO Advanced Certified, Plooto, Receiptbank, Waypay, Payment Evolution, SOS Inventory certified and TSheets Pro Elite Partner

    • 12 years cloud accounting experience including conversions and app workflow designs/implementations

    • 20+ years corporate accounting and bookkeeping experience

    • 2nd level of Payroll Compliance Certificate

    • Certified Professional Bookkeeper

    • B Com (Accountancy)

    • B Com (Hons) (Financial Management)


Training Packages & Pricing

Throughout my career as a qualified instructor, I’ve gained an understanding of how to work with people of all skill levels and learning styles. My personalized lessons, along with my passion to teach others, have proven successful with a wide variety of clients. 

All training is provided by Reinette Otte and is in a class room set up at clients' location. Maximum number of students per session for full package is 6. Customized sessions can include up to 15 students.

One-on-One & Group Class Room Instruction - Quickbooks Online


Full Package - $5,500 per employee (exc. GST) - Duration 6-8 weeks (31 Hours)

Maximum 6 Students per session

After completion of the course outline below staff will be able to do monthly bookkeeping for clients in Quickbooks Online as well  as be able to use the apps and app workflows taught in this course. Staff will also be able to support and train their clients on the usage of some of these apps to create efficiencies. Staff will have the theoretical knowledge to take the Quickbooks Online Advanced Certification Exam as well as do the Receiptbank & Plooto certifications. 

* Please note that a certificate of completion will be issued upon the completion of this course - Reinette Otte and anyone affiliated with KE-cloud-training does NOT guarantee the successfull outcome of the above exams and certifications.

Session 1: Best Practices Training - Conversions (4 hours) - After session 1 staff will be comfortable to do conversions from other software to Quickbooks Online 

  • Training on timing of conversions 

  • Training on conversion of Xero files

  • Training on conversion of Sage Files

  • Training on Conversion and best practices of Quickbooks deskktop files

  • Training on when to do a clean conversion


Session 2:

Quickbooks Online Basic Training  (4 hours) - After session 2 staff will have introductory skills to navigate Quickbooks Online and set up basic vendors, customers

  • Training on Quickbooks online basic company set up and settings

  • Training on Quickbooks online QBOA features

  • Training on Quickbooks online vendor and customer set up

  • Training on Quickbooks online bank feeds and reconciliations 


NTR Training - moneythumb, saasant (4 hours) - After session 2 staff will have introductory skills to navigate Quickbooks Online in order to generate efficient NTR's

  • Setting up bank rules 

  • Training on importing of bank fees - Moneythumb to assist this process

  • Training on batch entering

  • Training on importing of opening balances - Saasant to assist in this process

  • Training on generating of year end report

Session 3: Quickbooks Online Advanced Training (4 hours)After session 3 staff will have advanced skills to navigate Quickbooks Online and set up various industries and reporting requirements

  • Training on Quickbooks online projects and job costing/time and billing

  • Training on Quickbooks online inventory 

  • Training on Quickbooks online multicurrency module

  • Training on Quickbooks Online reporting

  • Training on Quickbooks Online classes

Session 4: Best Practices Training - Onboarding (4 hours) - After session 4 staff will understand best practices when onboarding a new client to Quickbooks Online 

  • Training on timing of onboarding

  • Training on onboarding checklist (Accounts Payable/Receivable, Stale dated cheques, Gst issues with conversions, company file set up, customizations & defaults)

  • Training on file clean up before conversion


Session 5: App Training - ReceiptBank (3 hours)After session 5 staff will have advanced skills to navigate ReceiptBank and train clients on basic usage

  • Training on Tips and Tricks for ReceiptBank

  • Training on ReceiptBank GST & split transactions

  • Training on admin/user permissions 

  • Training on best practices for uploading documentation

  • Training on CRA electronic documentation storage requirements

  • Actual client set up - if available

Session 6: App Training - Plooto, Rewind, Cloud Payroll (3 hours)After session 6 staff will have advanced skills to navigate Plooto (electronic payments app) and train clients on basic usage and also understand Quickbooks Online backup options. Staff will also have skills to navigate Quickbooks Online Payroll as well as optional payroll apps such as Payment Evolution 

  • Training on Tips and Tricks for Plooto and other electronic payment apps

  • Training on admin/user permissions 

  • Training on best practices for security 

  • Training on backup options for Quickbooks Online

  • Training on Quickbooks Online payroll

  • Training on admin/user permissions 

  • Training on Payment Evolution - company & employee set up, payroll processing etc.

  • Import of timesheets training

Session 7: Customer Onboarding Training (3 hours)After session 7 staff will be able to work with clients and assist clients in implementation and set up of above apps. This is 2 practical sessions training staff and firms' clients on onboarding

  • Training on best approach to have cloud and conversion conversations with clients

  • Training on the benefits to the firms' clients of the above apps

  • Training on assisting clients with Quickbooks Online questions and app set up

  • Training on identifying client pain points and solutions


Session 8: Workflow Optimization Training (6 hours)After session 8 staff will be able to troubleshoot client files and optimize workflows - this will be broken into 2 sessions of 3 hours each. This session brings Sessions 1-6 together in a practical workshop style environment

  • Training on Quickbooks Online problem areas

  • Training on client specific pain points

  • Training on more efficient client file processing 

  • Training on correct app workflows - directional data flow

  • Training on integration of apps with Quickbooks Online

  • Training on processing Quickbooks Online through the feeds

  • Training on reconciliation troubleshooting

  • Training on Quickbooks Online GST

  • Training on Quickbooks Online Accountant toolbox - batch data processing, audit trails etc.

Full Day customized training- $2,500 per day (exc. GST)

Maximum 15 students per session. 



Great help to put new systems in place!
May 18, 2018

"Reinette recently joined our team and it has been built a lot of confidence with management and our board to have her working with us. When we decided to convert from QB to QBO we didn't have any experience to help us. Reinette has worked with us to put new systems in place for paperless (well, mostly), efficient systems. Staff and our Board are so happy to be getting rid of paperwork. She is on top of legislative requirements and has a wealth of knowledge on products available to help us get more streamlined in putting proper processes in place. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to get smarter, more efficient bookkeeping in place."

Patient and Professional
MargotF, December 13, 2017

"Reinette has been a breath of fresh air. She has been patient with us as we transitioned to QBO, explains things clearly and briefly, and has become a key member of our team. As small business owners, we rely on her nimble ability to work remotely and complete tasks (like payroll) in a timely manner. We see Reinette every other week for a few hours in our office, which feels important to stay connected. We can either save up questions for the times when she is here, or she's available by phone or email if we can't wait. If she has capacity to take you on as a new client, or consult with you to help you get set up, consider yourself fortunate. Highly recommend."

Accounting Excellence
FCL, January 29, 2018

"Having Reinette join our team has certainly been an uplifting positive experience. While the initial opportunity was presented to migrate our organisation from QB desktop to QB online, she has provided a great deal more! Within the transition, she has invested a great deal of time into more systematic practices and 3rd party products thus providing time and cost savings. She has also worked along side our current book keeper and provided guidance, patience and support. I would be happy to recommend her as a diligent trustworthy candidate for any accounting application.


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